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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Warming up for NaNoWriMo

Oh dear!

I've just re-read my previous post...I was supposed to have completed a manuscript by the end of June...it's now the start of October and I could probably fit everything I've written in the last 3 1/2 months on the back of my hand...the same hand I am now slapping for being such a naughty naughty girl. *big sad face smiley*

A massive part of my problem at the moment is lack of drive...somewhat caused by a huge lack of confidence in my skill as a fiction writer. The other thing I've always had the problem with is that when I'm writing I'll jump from one part to another when the going gets tough (my dissertation at Uni was a mess of the highest order!), and I always think -Oh, I'll come back to that...I don't have the patience to sort that out right now...it'll be easier when I've had some distance/when I haven't got something more exciting to write/I'll have to do some research-. The problem is that I never actually come back to it to iron out those creases...the issue doesn't diminish with time...in fact it probably gets worse as I can't even remember what my intention for that particular passage was.

Jeeze...think I need to pull my socks up and start knuckling down...or I'll be back at work with nothing to show for the last two years!!!

Onwards and Upwards

Leading up to NaNo this year I have a few things to tick off my list...

  1. Sort out which software to use to organise my notes (why oh why doesn't Thoughtograph work with Windows 7?) Just googled for alternatives...investigation to begin shortly :0)
  2. Find a better solution for dealing with those niggly sticky patches in the story...and no I will NEVER use 'Track Changes'...I hate 'Track Changes' it was the bane of my work life when an idiot would put 'Track Changes' into a document...I don't want to see a document that has your every typing error and stupid sentence changes highlighted for me in multiple colours...there used to be a simpler time when you could turn it off once and it was gone until you wanted it back...not now though...things have progressed far too much to enable you to do such a simple thing now! And...breath...rant over, I promise...unless I hear those words 'Track Changes' anytime soon!
  3. I need to find a better way to edit once something is written...I have a hard time with getting distracted re-writing portions of narrative and dialogue that don't really need to be re-written...I should really leave those sorts of tightening up for a second edit...perhaps...or maybe not. Either way, I need to make my mind up on how I show approach my editing process.
  4. Stop getting distracted...even as I wrote that I started thinking about all the other things I have to do!!! I wish I could have that stereotypical male trait where I can only do or think about one thing at a time...
  5. Celebrate my birthday in style (20th November...with many things happening around it) and still make time for NaNo...unlike last year when I was writing 8,000+ words per day towards the end just so that I would get my certificate and a look at that video...which was definitely worth it!!!
  6. And probably about a million more things that will come to me to distract me from doing other things.
I DO know that writing is as simple as sitting down and doing it...but sometimes it's the simplest things that present the biggest problems.

Back in another 3 1/2 months...or sooner...I hope!!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Getting back on the horse!


It’s so difficult finding the balance that I need to keep going on my writing.

I’ve been spending a lot of time focused on my fitness and regaining my confidence during 2012…plus having fun…all of which have left me a little short on time and focus for my writing. I haven’t even been very regular in going to my writing groups, or completing assignments for the short story writing course I took.

I always have difficulty in dealing with more than one important thing at a time…I tend to get consumed by something if I enjoy it, forgetting, or shelving, all the other things that I have to do. And for the last 5 months that thing, that I’ve been somewhat consumed with, has been going to the gym…my achievements there are measurable and obvious, even though I DO get frustrated not to meet my own expectations, I am making progress – which is rather gratifying.

My plan going forwards is to make sure I do writing EVERY day…just as I did (for the most part) during NaNo. The problem is what to I continue with first? I have somewhere in the region of ten incomplete manuscripts…all at varying stages…I suppose I should complete the one that is closest to completion…which would be one of the Mills and Boon books…it would be satisfying to send it off and see what happens…

Other than my own manuscripts there is also a potential publication in the wings from my twice monthly writing group, WriteNight @15QueenStreet. We’ll be discussing the details at our next meeting, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a selection of all our writing exercises from the group. It’s always interesting to hear the different voices that come out of the people that come along. And although I’ve been going along since the group began during NaNoWriMo I’ve never been brave enough to read out one piece…maybe I should suck it up and read out loud! My problem is that the first draft ALWAYS needs some tweaking, or I don’t quite finish off and round things out…others don’tk seem to have the same problem…what is their secret I wonder…

Well, I’m going to finish here, because this is all turning into a bit of circular thinking…and not really getting me anywhere. I WILL be making time for writing and complete a project by the end of the month…

That’s all for now folks!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rule of Three Blogfest - Part 4

The golden town - Part 1.
Protagonist: Rina
WC: 600
Prompts:There is an argument AND There is fear of an impending misfortune

The golden town - Part 2.
Protagonist: Mr Cluthe (aka Cluthe)
WC: 600
Prompts: Someone is killed or almost killed

The golden town - Part 3.
Protagonist: Garrett
WC: 600
Prompts: Betrayal is in the air

The golden town - Part 4.
WC: 600
Prompts: The final event becomes another secret for generations to come

  Cluthe opened the journal and recited a passage.
  ‘Bind ancient beauty with new life. Mix three drops of knowledge with fire and ice.’
  Enlightenment washed over Garrett, he knew how to redeem himself. ‘I watched Traylor perform spells like that. We can use the fresh grass to represent new life. Just a few more blades, Rina.’

  They took back streets through the town, moving between shadows. At The Schiavona Glass Store Garrett told Rina to steal a goblet made from the molten Schiavona sands. Continuing past the dry well they ran north to the Assart Forest.
  A mile past the tree line they skirted the circumference of the huge abyss that had once swallowed the end of the Espadon River taking it under ground where it had supplied the well. The seemingly bottomless hole yawned back at them.
  From there they traced the dry river bed high into the Roundeli Mountains. Garrett stopped to inspect the tree trunks. At the fifth he found what he was looking for – a scar with dried sap curling from it. Cluthe reopened the wound and collected the sticky substance.
  When they arrived at the geyser, known as the Fountain of Truth, all they found was a small hole spitting water at irregular intervals.
  Garret and Rina waited whilst Cluthe collected snow from higher up the mountain.
  ‘We need your pendant for the spell, Rina.’
  ‘But my daddy gave me this.’ She clutched it protectively.
  ‘I must make things right. Everything that’s happened is because I helped my father poison the well. Your diamond is essential to restoring the balance.’
  When Cluthe returned Rina had combined the diamond, grass and tree sap into a small nugget, she placed it in the centre of the snow filled goblet.
  ‘Stand back children.’
  Cluthe knelt at the hole, muttering words as he caught the spitting Waters. With the third drop the contents of the goblet began to transform into a glowing orb, the symbol of the town.
  The ball of magic leapt from his hands into the geyser hole. A large cracking sound was followed by an explosion of water that launched Cluthe into the air. There was a second cracking sound as he landed, his head hit the rock that Rina had taken cover behind.
  The Waters rained down, bathing her with knowledge of the past and future. As Rina checked the lifeless body of Cluthe The Waters began to flow along the river bed created centuries ago.
  Garrett finally understood the prophecies that Traylor had been writing all these years. Apparently now was the time that he was meant to understand.
  Rina didn’t see Garrett pass over to the other side, she was distracted by the journal in her hands; the cover now read Rina’s Journal. Her father’s legacy meant she would be the next Guardian of the Fountain of Truth.
  By the time Rina reached the town the well was replenished and the Culdees promised new growth. It seemed that all the town’s inhabitants had congregated to witness the spectacle of light and water high in the Roundeli’s.

  Over time the intruders left the town. They felt an inexplicable urge to be elsewhere.

  As the years passed many told tales of what they witnessed that night, their stories were repeated from one generation to the next, each more sensational than the one before. Without realising it they became more accurate and closer to the truth. Some would instinctively feel the truth and set out to find the magical town, none ever did. Some would write about it… and so the legend of RENAISSANCE was born.